Friday, July 17, 2015

Personal Revelation Position Statement

I've learned a lot about personal revelation in the last year.  One of the things I have learned is that Heavenly Father wants to talk to us all the time, but many times we do not open the lines for Him to do so.  When we say our prayers more regularly and more meaningfully we make that connection easier.  When we immerse ourselves in the scriptures it does so much to open those lines.  It helps to tune our spirit in so that we can hear those quiet promptings and inspirations.  Finally, we have to turn a few things down and shut a few things off and create a quiet space where the Spirit is not drowned out by the noise we typically surround ourselves with.  When we do these things it is amazing what the Lord will share with us.  When He knows that we are going to value what He shares with us, that we are going to act on the directions He gives us, we are much more likely to get answers to our prayers and our concerns.

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