Friday, July 17, 2015

Personal Application Report

The topic I chose to use for the walk part of my practicum project was Choosing Cheerfulness.  I have been working through some personal trials in my life right now.  In the midst of those trials there are times when it is hard to be happy.  I know that my Heavenly Father wants me to be happy.  I’m sure it is heart breaking for Him to see us hurting and wallowing in that misery.  Because of this I decided to work on making happiness an intentional choice.  Several of the talks I read on choosing cheerfulness talked about the connection between happiness and seeing the Lord’s hand in our lives, counting our blessings, and having gratitude for what we have been blessed with.  So over the last six weeks I have kept a gratitude journal.  I haven’t written in it every day, but at least a couple times a week, specifically when I was having a harder day.  What I learned is that as I would start to write about one thing I was grateful for my mind would be opened up to other blessings I had not recognized.  Writing also showed me how the Lord had been mindful of me and of tender mercies I had not recognized as such.  It was such a good way to jolt me out of a pity party.  I think it was very beneficial especially on the days I was struggling to be happy, though I think writing in my journal daily in the future would be even more beneficial.  I think it may stop the potential despondency before it even starts.  

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